Sunday, 20 April 2014

The 1623 Hungertuch of St Clemens, Telgte, Westphalia

Telgte is just a few miles to the east of Munster in Germany and in the Church of St Clemens at this time of year, the fasting month of Lent, since about 1623 was displayed a Hungertuch - literally Hunger Cloth. The cloth measures 7.4 metres by 4.4 metres and is composed of 66 linen panels, half of them being open work panels depicting scenes from Christ's passion.

Arranged like a chequer board, each image panel alternates with a simple linen panel. The technique is stitching across a square on a grid of twisted linen threads running horizontally and vertically and was carried out by noble ladies of the knightly families of Vos, Droste, Hausen, Bischopping and Münster.

The first four lines depict the suffering of Christ, the fifth row shows the symbols of the evangelists and the Lamb of God as a symbol for Christ, the sixth row displays motifs from the old testament.

The Wiedenbrück Pastor, Bitterus Willge, who is represented in the bottom row of the image with his initials, was probably the initiator. This cloth replaced an earlier cloth which had been a victim of the wars. The cloth was hung every year until 1905 and now it can be seen next door in the Westfälisches Museum für Religiöse Kultur.
To give you some idea of how this was displayed in church, we can see, below, the similarly famous Hungertuch of Freckenhorst.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Winterthur Embroideries On-Line

Apart from samplers, Wintherthur also has some splendid embroideries in it on-line collection, like this early sweet bag above with a label referring to it as a Knitting Bag which belonged to a Lady at the Court of Q. Elizabeth.
I think we are all familiar now with stitched globes - they were de rigeur items in the curricula of young ladies of the Enlightenment. Westtown School in most famous for its stitched globes.
This is just one of the 18th century stomachers in the Winterthur collection - do find the others when you visit.
I really must make a pocket one of these days - I have been promising myself for some time now - along with many other projects still to complete! I love the dated and initialled pocket below.
You will need several hours to enjoy all the embroideries on-line at Winterthur - so pace yourself. Click here and enter embroidery into the search box.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Eggceptional Chick Knits Charity Surprise Raises £6,000

An appeal by Francis House Children's Hospice in Manchester, UK for knitted chicks has seen it receive a surprise flock of around 6,300. The request for Easter chicks to sell was made in national knitting magazines and online. Hundreds of knitters sent chicks from as far afield as the Orkney Islands, Cornwall and Spain. Chick knit co-ordinator, Amy Swatkins, said: the response exceeded our eggspectations. The chicks are sold with a small chocolate Easter Egg in charity stores and schools and raise around £6,000.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

First Edition Modern Embroidery £35 $70 €50 Including Shipping

Another rare and special vintage embroidery book, Modern Embroidery is the historic record of an exhibition of modern embroidery organized by the British Institute of industrial Art at the Victoria &Albert Museum in 1932.
Containing 128 pages, this soft back book of 1933 - over 80 years old! - has full page descriptions of the pieces, including illustrations, and wonderfully pristine hand-mounted colour illustrations.
Of historic interest are panels designed by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant.
I am sorry this book is now sold.