Thursday, 21 August 2014

Inlaid Patchwork in Europe From 1500 * £28 €43 $105 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $115)

A totally pristine full-sized hardback 320 page all colour book with dual text - English and German.
It sometimes happens that a while after buying myself a book, a kind relative or friend sends me a copy as a gift - and of course I keep all my gifts. But there is no point keeping the gifts I make to myself and that is why this lovely and exciting book is looking for a new home.
I was lucky enough to see the exhibition of these fabulous hangings and covers at Leeds City Art Gallery some years ago - did you manage to get along? It was an astonishing experience - the colours glowed like ancient stained glass.
The patchworks have all abutted or let-in pieces - rather like a fabric marquetry or mosaics. The tradition is far longer standing than I had previously imagined, since many were made with upcycled damaged military clothing.
As you can guess from that clue, many were made by men during or after military campaigns, sometimes during convalescence. Often the hangings were used during religious gatherings in camp.
But others were made by men hoping to keep their hands too busy to raise a glass - as an antidote to alcoholism.
So some were pieced by men belonging to temperance societies. Others were made to raise money.
This is the definitive scholarly book on this interesting field of textile art. It is a fully researched and draws on beautifully photographed examples taken from across all Europe
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Les Samplers en Rouge et Blanc * £40 €60 $110 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $120)

Amazon lists this book at £130, €160 and $130. This French hardback sampler pattern book in excellent condition with 20+ charts for you to stitch.
The charts are predominantly in red and white, though there is the odd departure such as the one below.
Red and white samplers are truly in the French blood and no-one designs them better.
These are small to medium projects which you could probably work in a week of evenings
to delight yourself - and maybe friends if you are generous and part with them as gifts.
A really lovely pattern book in every sense.
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SOLD Les Indiennes * £8 €12 $50 Shipping included (New Zealandf & Australia $55)

This is a French language hardback book of 64 pages in pristine condition - it is lovely!
There are 10 charts for patterns taken from Les Indiennes - which were imported cloths from India, very popular in the South of France from the 18th century onwards
and to this day they are seen in fashion stores like Souleiado.
The ribbon patterns are just a joy to work and you can combine them in many ways for many occasions.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

SOLD Schwalm Needlework * £12 €18 $55 Shipping Included (Australia and New Zealand $60)

This is a pristine jacketed softback book in Japanese
Schwalm needlework is just so beautiful and lends itself to many uses - and this book is full of really lovely projects
the ideas for bag decorations are inspired
along with more traditional projects such as wedding ring cushions for the big day.
All the patterns and working instructions are so detailed and clear - it is like having a teacher in the room with you
If only all needlework books had such clear instructions!