Thursday, 22 January 2015

Bargain Box of 11 Books * £40 €60 Including Shipping (Shipping probably not economic for USA, Canada, Australia and NZ)

10 hardback needlework books and I softback - a weighty boxful! These are all large format used books in good or better condition - some are deaccessioned library books. All are interesting because the contents far exceed the expectations of their covers and their usefulness as resources is often missed. I have shown a sample page or spread from each book. A bargain for you to stock up your library or share with your stitching group.
Above is an excerpt from Embroidery Techniques. Over 220 pages of historic needlework images in dictionary format - some in colour, mostly B&W - with technique diagrams.
Above is from Gladys Windor Fry's vintage work of nearly 270 pages with exquisite diagrams and hand mounted colour illustrations of needlework.
Above is from Needlework School published by the Embroiderers' Guild Practical Study Group - features around 180 pages of historic and modern needlework together with techniques.
Above is a page from American Needlework - a mammoth study of all varieties of needlemade work - over 220 pages with illustrations mostly in B&W some in colour.
Above is a page from the only softback book and is in very nice condition - dear Pamela Clabburn's Masterpieces of Embroidery. Over 80 pages.
The Needleworker's Dictionary above also by Pamela Clabburn teems with nearly 300 illustrated pages of examples and techniques - more an emporium than a dictionary. In very nice condition also.
Joan Edward's classic book on Crewel Embroidery with nearly 250 pages of illustrations, technique and very interesting, serious history of the origins and development of the technique.
Needlework an illustrated history above is one of my favourite books and is always a great surprise when I show it to people - they just would not guess the wonderful treasures inside. Many historical illustrations. Around 350 pages.
Embroidery by Mary Gostelow was a classic in the 60s and she has researched and authored some excellent needlework books - again a book of great illustrations and technique details - over 270 pages.
Above and below are pages from Thomasina Beck's two books - The Embroiderer's Flowers (around 150 pages) and Embroidered Gardens (around 140 pages). Both books feature details of early embroidery together with well-researched history of the subjects.
The books could be shipped further afield than Europe but I would expect the total cost including shipping to be around $200 - do email for more details if you are interested and outside Europe. If you would like these 11 items and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes shipping to wherever you are.

5 Pattern Books (Set 2) * £12 €19 $45 Including Shipping

The five pattern books in this set are: Barbara Christopher's Old-Fashioned Floral Charted Designs; Sigrid Bright's Complete and Practical Course of Hardanger Embroidery; Traditional Hardanger patterns; Gerda Bengtsson's fabulous charted Flowers and Berries in Cross Stitch and Assisi Embroidery. All books are in very good condition. By the way if you see more than one set of books you would like, do email me because we can often make mailing savings which we pass on to you.
Above you can see one of Gerda's legendary rose compositions - the book has 27 more similarly fabulous designs
Above and below are sample spreads from the 2 Hardanger books that will lead you into developing an expertise in Hardanger - these are the best books I know for anyone wanting to start.
Below is an image of a spread from the Assisi Embroidery Book - these designs make lovely tree ornaments.....
And below is a sample from Barbara Christopher's book - with lots of sweet projects that would be brilliant and easy to finish for your Valentine this year!
If you would like these 5 items and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes shipping to wherever you are.

Pattern Books (Set 1) * £8 €12 $40 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $45)

Over 60 pattern pages and more than 80 angels for you to enjoy in this as new pattern book by French designer Valerie Lejeune.
Valerie is well loved in France and around the world for her charming designs which can be incorporated into small and large projects
Super for Valentine's Day - lovely when worked in white on a darker linen.
The second book is in good used condition and features more than 40 pages of patterns and motifs collected by Irmgard Gierl from historical designs. There is a description and origin of each motif.
This display of blossom in a vase is from Graz in Austria
The design above with stags is taken from a piece in the Segantinimuseum in St Moritz, Switzerland and the unicorns below are from an anonymous old pattern book. 
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Cartonnage Brodé * £27 €52 $100 Shipping Included (New Zealand or Australia $110)

This is a French language hardbook book with 96 pages in perfect condition.

It contains making istructions for 17 delightful cartonnage projects - that is fabric covered cardboard.
The projects range from boxes of all kinds for holding needlework items
to cartonnage baskets...
There are templates for all the shapes and the projects are fairly straightforward. But the instructions - which are clearly diagrammed - are in French.

If you would like this item and can pay via PayPal simply click on the flying angel below. The price includes shipping to wherever you are.